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“A well-known producer recently composed a track entitled; “Deepness Is A State of Mind”, that seems to capture my take on music. For myself there is genuinely little better than immersion in sound for escapism, contemplation or adventure. I like to think that can happen using many forms of electronic music and that’s why I move between house, techno, dub, ambient, electronica.”

Join Andy every 2nd Tuesday of the month commencing October 8th 8-10PM UK time (UTC+1) HERE:

Andy Green Presents — Verdant Sessions 8 (08/04/14)

Carbon Based Lifeforms /Central Plain

Move D / Silent Orbiter

Brock Van Wey /A Heart of Darkness

Mind Over Midi /Ancient Machine

Evan Marc & Steve Hillage /Theta Phase

The Orb /Little Fluffy Clouds

Plaid /Dett

Metamatics /Man-Q-Neons

The Connection Machine /Blue Genes Copyshop

Phlox /Phlox

Jeff Mills /Every Dog Has Its Day Vol 4 B1

Delano Smith /Below The Horizon

Jorge Savoretti /Dreams on Wax

Gez Varley /Soul Gate

John Daly /Pass the Swing

Leigh Dickson /Cresnet

Digs & Woosh /Elastic Love

Awanta 3 /Pregnant

Wada /Moonlight on Your Love part 2

Chris Rau /Meris Mood

Sven Weiseman /Whatever It Is

Orbital /Belfast

The Beloved /The Sun Rising

Leigh Dickson /Praise [Version]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 7 (11/03/14)

Propaganda /The Chase (ZTT)

Morenas /Somnabulism (BCM records)

tol Mix] (Mute Records)

Freund Der Familie /Porentief [RDMN’s Remix] (Freund Der Familie)

John Daly /Gabriel (Wave Music)

Pablo Bolivar /Learn To Fly (Curle)

Sam McQueen /Fourteen Days [Steve Rachmad Remix] (Indigo Æra)

Jouem /Dazzling Light (Mojuba)

Lord of The Isles /Veronico De Maio (Mule Musiq)

June /Lost Area [DJ Sprinkles’ Lost Dancefloor Version (Mule Musiq)

Rising Sun /Message [Dubplate Mix] (Dubplate Version Test Pressing)

Deepchord /Tonality of Light [Spiral 2] (Soma Quality Recordings)

Rhythm and Sound w Paul St. Hilaire /Never Tell You (Burial Mix)

Maceo Plex /Frisky (Cross Town Rebels)

Sai /An Abstract (Groovement)

Life Recorder /Track Mood (Bokhari)

Route 8 /Erase Dub (Nous)

Paul Hannah /Wake Up To The Source (Ferox)

Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow /Lost In Time (Lost In Time)

Presence /Gettin’ Lifted (Eukahouse)

Stephen Brown /SD1 (ARTless Records)

Malcolm Moore /Way of the City (Altered Moods Records)

Nick Lawson /Pthalo Blue (BOE Recordings)

Visonia et Dopplereffekt /Impossible Romance (Last Known Trajectory)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 6 Ft. Leigh Dickson (11/02/14)


Andy Green:

Millsart /Every Dog…. Vol 4 B2

Future Beat Alliance /Sci Fi Intro 1

Luke Slater’s 7th Plain /Time Melts

Voice From The Lake /01.12N

Recondite /Manor

Hexagon /Forecasts

mu ziq /Lesope

Indio /Snowdrifts

Elusan /Unsuspecting

Jacob’s Optical Stairway /The Fusion Formula

Detroit Escalator Company / The Inverted Man

R34 [Mihail Petrovski] /vs District Light

Phynomena /Earth Falls

Louis Haiman /Move

Leigh Dickson:

Funckarma /Strip

Telefon Tel Aviv /Your Face Remind Me Of When I Was Old!

Ola Bergman /Cylepsa

Speedy J / Fill 17

Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox /Too Good To Be Strange

T22 /Untitled

Nuron /Mirage

Tim Koch /Just Blue

The Black Dog /Cost 2

Reload /Son Et lumiere

Untitled /??? (On Mikrolux)

Leigh Dickson /Colour

Unknown /Untitled (Knowone 13)

Funckarma /lignite

Telefon Tel Aviv /Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Redcell /Interim

Andy Green:

Aybee /Rays

D5 /Stem Cell

Ismistik /Phidou

Kirk De Giorgio /Unreleased track (Indigo Æra)

Conforce /Semantic Field

Leigh Dickson

Unknown /Untitled (Knowone 13)

Funckarma /lignite

Telefon Tel Aviv /Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Redcell /Interim

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 5 (14/01/14)


Von Schommer /track 11 from DC15

Donato Dozzy /Vapourware 07

Iori /Spatiotemporal [Vril Remix]

Submersible Machines /Isobaths

Lord of the Isles /Don’t Reach

Matti Turunen /Agrikola

Brad P /Take You There

Tintonton /Provocative [Original]

Chris Mitchell & Amir Alexander /Dark Memories

The Reflektor /El Mirador

Ad Bourke /Prelude

Keith Worthy /Cyclops (in the dark comp)

Fred P /Purple (Earth tones 5)

Push II Shove /Plain Sight

Traumprinz /Ambient 006

Edanticon /The Boundary

Reference /Ghetto Nebula

Edanticon /Roche Lobe

Underworld /Dirty

ASC /Proton

CCO /The Falling Sun

Brother G /Warmness All Around

Johannes Albert /Muskrat Susie (Moomin Remix)

Heko /Mercury Seven

Pjotr /I See

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 4 (4hr Xmas special!) Ft. Jules Giles (27/12/13)


Tuff Little Unit /Join The Future (Warp Records)

Lonnie Liston Smith /Renaissance (RCA)

Stevie Wonder /I Wish (Motown)

Chris Gray /Silent Crying (Deep4Life)

Ernie /Passage to Shibuya (DeepArtSounds)

Deepchord /01-06 (cv313 Rework I) (Echospace Detroit)

Solu Music feat. Kimblee /Fade (Rewind Mix) (Wave Music)

Ron Trent /Pressure Zone (Electric Blue)

Norm Talley /Track From The East (Roundabout Sounds)

Janeret /Untitled (Vibes Ltd)

Kurt Baggeley /Line of Sight (Stem Records)

Ananda Project /Cascades of Colour (Nightgrooves)

Hanna /Remember (Trackmode)

Agaric /No Way I Know I Feel (Axel Boman Remix) (Ovum)

Merwyn Sandes/Inkswel /ternal Freedom (Linkwood Remix) (Hot Shot Sounds)

Awanto3 /You Made Me Change Of Heart (Roman Rauch Remix) (Pusic Records)

Paris Underground Tracks /NYC underground (M.L.I.U)

Andrade /Moscow Revenge (Bass Culture Records)

wAFF /KT B (Crow Castle Cuts)

Jovonn /Move My Soul (Objektivity)

James What /Going Back (Murmur)

Jori Hulkonnen /7 Nites, 7Days (F Communications)

Delano Smith /Mariana’s Song (Mixmode Recordings)

Nimbus Quartet /Your House Is Yours Parts II & III Simultaneously (Lazre Hoche Recordings)

Fantastic Man /Heartbreaker (We Play House)

Kerri Chandler /Oblivion (Soul Heaven Records)

Point G /Underwater (Apollonia)

Schmoov /Canopy(DiY Discs)

Mark E /Oranges (Dub) (Spectral Sound)

Mood II Swing /Move Me (Alternate) (P&D)

Move D /Aspiration 2010 (Soul People Music)

Levon Vincent /Six Figures (Novel Sound)

Ethyl & Fiori /Changes (Appian Sounds)

Brooks /Clix (Mantis Records)

Juju & Jordash /Chelm Is Dubbing (Golf Channel)

Amir Alexander /Gutter Flex (Argot)

Jay Daniel /I Have No Name (Sound Signature)

Hanna /Metropolitan (Sound Signature)

Salubria /BRRY (unreleased)

Specter /Nighthawk (Tetrode Music)

Dream2Science /How Do I Love Thee? (Power Move Records)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 3 (10/12/13)

Tracklist (with links):

Fingers in the Noise /The Day Before (Bine Music)

Method One /Under The Same Stars (Veil)

Fluxion /Burst Mode (Echocord)

ASC /Electron (Pushing Red)

Mathimidori /Ame Gu Furi [Beat Version] (Mule Musiq) No Link Available

Ethyl & Fiori /Change (Appian Sounds)

Chris Mitchell /Planetary Transcedance (Vanguard Sound) No Link Available

Psyche /Neurotic Behaviour [Mayday Reproduction Mix] (Transmat)

V-Room /V-Shaped (Plus 8)

DJ Spider /Inner Earth Existence (Instruction)

Function /Inter (Album Version) (Ostgut Ton)

Massimilliano Pagliairi /LM2-JP4-106-606-BL-303-SDE2000-P6-TX81Z (Live at Robert Johnson)

RV800 /Subsync [Haventepe Version] (Formula)

nAX_acid /Depth Perception (Aconito Records)

Robert Hood /Motor City (Music Man Records)

Terrence Dixon /Fountain of Life (Tresor)

Aybee /Solaris (Deepblak)

Hexagon /Square Garden (Delsin)

Model 500 /I Wanna Be There (R&S Records)

KSTS & Miltiades /Tiston 2444 (Lower Parts)

Joey Anderson /Heaven’s Archer (Dekmantel)

Gnork /Solar Striker [Vakula Remix] (Bokhari Records)

Claro Intelecto /Still Here (Delsin)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 2 (12/11/13)

Tracklist (with links):

Boards of Canada /Jaquard Causeway (Warp)

Peter Van Hoesen /Heliotrope (Music 4 your Legs)

Transillusion /Rolling With The Punches of Life (Rephlex)

Lawrence /Har Sinai (Dial)

Leif /Flight (Fear of Flying)

Pittsburg Track Authority /Treated (Work Them Records)

Le Rubrique /Coffy (Teiffrequent)

Jaques Bon /Tribute To You (Smallville)

Avalon K /Side Iris II (Ecstacy Records) No Link Available

Schatrax /Overcome (Schatrax)

Sven Weisemann /Spheric Wave (Meanwhile)

Simple Pleasures /Fish 02 (unofficial)

Global Communication /Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit) (Philomena)

Tony Foster /It Is All Around Us (Mixmode)

Aybee /ATGC (Soul People Music) ) No Link Available

Tony Olliviera /Quick Release (Yore)

Drivetrain /Digital Toy Box (Soiree International)

Brett Dancer /B2 [Black Java Joint] (Trackmode)

Jovonn /Welcome, Dance (Dogmatik)

1 Dan /Foundation (Atmospheric Existence)

Chris Moss Acid /Niacin’s Touch (Mathematics)

October /Unstoppable Phenomenon [Joey Anderson Remix] (Voodoo Down Records)

Omar S and Kai Alce /Not Phazed (FXHE)

Russ Gabriel /Peace (Ferox)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 1 , 08/10/13

Tracklist (complete with links):

Lord of the Isles /To & Fro (COS/MES remix)

Vladislav Delay /He Lived Deeply

Deepchord /Silent Word (excerpt)

Desolate /Avian Flu

Ken Ishii /Sleeping Madness

GB /Still Standing

Carl Finlov /Conflict


Basic Soul Unit /Mind Forest

Function /Inter (Album Version)

FUSE /Train Tracks (Train Abuse)

Amir Alexander /Scuzzlebut

Russ Gabriel /Blue Arsed Fly

Ray Escordienta /Time Waits For No Man

ESHU /For You

Orpheus /Waiting For Your Call

Carlos Nillmns /Subculture

Unknown /Untitled [Knowone 08 B1]

Baaz /Swimmer

Brad Peterson /Endangered Species

Mike Huckaby /Sandcastle (Culture Box Re Edit)

Theo Parrish & Marsellus Pitman /Night of the Sagitarius

Jay Daniel /No Love Lost

Leigh Dickson /Praise (Baby Ford Remix)

Marcellis (Featuring Fabien) /You

Terre Thaemlitz /Cars