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“A well-known producer recently composed a track entitled; “Deepness Is A State of Mind”, that seems to capture my take on music. For myself there is genuinely little better than immersion in sound for escapism, contemplation or adventure. I like to think that can happen using many forms of electronic music and that’s why I move between house, techno, dub, ambient, electronica.”

Join Andy every 2nd Tuesday of the month commencing October 8th 8-10PM UK time (UTC+1) HERE:

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 17 with Steve Sherdel (08.01.15)


Steve Sherdel

Sensorama – Zone 30

Speedy J – Spikkels

Space Dimension Controller – First Glance

Project E – Denbossa

Quarternotes – Untitled (003)

Carl Craig – Darkness

Luciano – Octagonal

JS Zieter – Strate

Conforce – Insecure

Mike Caro and Franck Garcia – Dead Souls (Radioslave Remix)

The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks – Saffro

O.B Ignitt – Oh Jabba

Levon Vincent – Impression of a Rainstorm

into …. Andy

Kerri Chandler – Return 2 Acid

Dozzy & Gigli – Chiki Disco

Mark Du Mosch – Amulet (Voiski Remix)

Orbital – Lush 3-4 (Warrior Drift – PWOG remix)

DJ Qu – Party People Clap (Levon Vincent Remix)

Force/Emerge – Lumi

Sonitus Eco – Chordelia [**forthcoming on Silent Season**]

Monolake – Xor

Haventepe – Plane Waves [**forthcoming on BOE Recordings**]

Lowris – AAA (S.A.M Reshape)

John Beltran – Picasso

Schatrax – Keep On Loving

Extra Time

Gemini Sounds – RU Afraid

Brooks Mosher – Dont Say Goodbye

Russ Gabriel – In The Van

Leeon – Rest and Be Thankful (Hutton Drive Remix)

Headless Ghost – Suspect Illusions

Model 500 – The Chase

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 16 (09.12.14)


Aroy Dee /Night Sky (M>O>S Recordings)

Ike Release /Solace (M>O>S Recordings)

Crystal Maze /Crystal Maze (aDepth Audio)

Conforce /Depth Over Distance (Delsin)

Leonid /Mora (Statik Entertainment)

Tintonton Duvante /Provocative (aDepth Audio)

Fred P /Project 05 (Ostgut Ton)

Stephan Lopkin /Rannoch Moor (Talahachi)

Brian Harden /Tour de Chi (Sistrum Recordings)

RT Sound Factor /7th Heaven (Electric Blue)

Gemini Sounds /RU Afraid (Chiwax Classic Edition)

Delano Smith /Time Stands Still (Sushitech)

Reel by Real /Karma [Random Octivation Remix] (A.R.TLess)

Nicuri /On Thin Ice (yygrec)

D/R/U/G/S /Velodrome II (Moshi Moshi Records)

Heko /Melrose Flames (Blind Jacks Tripp)

ASOK /Cabal (Scenery Records)

Hinode /Object Collapse Theory (Science Fiction Recordings)

Keith “Lamar” Worthy /Aesthetic Track (Aesthetic Audio)

Nthng /Human (Lobster Theremin)

Function /F4 (Intrastructure)

Atom Heart /Ground Loop 1 (The Bunker New York)

Kiyoko /Lost Object (Samurai Horo)

Sam KDC /Synthesia (Veil)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 15 (14.10.14)


Inigo Kennedy /Space Between [wider version] (Icon of Desire)

Sam Mcqueen /Fourteen Days (Sephoria)

Sven Tesnadi /Our Destiny [Sven Weisemann Shuffle On Mix] (Ornaments)

Jeremy /Senstive part II (Driftwood)

Lawrence /Blue Mountain (Mule Musiq)

HVL /Track 1 (Rough House Rosie)

Aybee /Underworld (Underground Quality)

Saurez /One Last Bite (Plastik People)

Fresh & Low /Wind on Water (Guidance)

Panthera Krause /Rewo (Lobster Theremin)

Mandar /Shrim (Oscillat)

Monotix /Full Pressure (Flyance Records)

Moodcut /Late Night Ham (Nous)

Rai Scott /We Love You (Inner Shift Music)

Palm Trax /Forever [Galcher Lustwerk Remix] (Lobster Theremin)

Shinichi Atobe /Free Access Zone 4 (Demdike Stare)

Leon Vynehall /Be Brave Clench Fists (3024)

Nicuri /Something Late Last Night (Sound Theories)

Hinode /Complex Deep (Monkey Bar Records)

Eduardo De Le Calle /My Own Translation (Hivern)

Laurent Garnier /Wake Up (Warp Records)

John Shima /Movement (Emotions Electric)

Chris Mitchell /Eyedeal (XDB Reshape)

Mick Welch /Archetype One (Elektrosouls Recordings)

Leigh Dickson /Praise [2014] (For Those That Know)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 14 (14.10.14)


LFO /Goodnight Venice (Warp)

Jo Johnson /Words Came After Music (Further Records)

Lord of the Isles /Your Smile (Enerec Tokyo)

Nummer /Scion (Going Good Records)

Reload /Soaring (Evolution)

Bjork /Human Behaviour [Underworld Dub] (One Little Indian)

Sabre /Nightime to Bolland (WT Records)

Laak /Our Ways Run Together (Altered Moods Recordings)

Ben “Cosmo D” Cenac Presents Bodywork /Deeper & Deeper (Thug)

Mike Huckaby /Analogue Tape & Things (NDATL)

Rick Wade /Nothing to Fear “DBX Dub” (Harmonie Park)

Low Orbit Satellite /Re:Current (Private Pressing)

Ka-One & St Sene /After Zoo (Flyance Records)

Lerosa /Anxiety (Ferox)

Common Dreams /Twisted Future (Common Dreams)

Objects of Illusion /Tokyo 27 (unreleased Gary McKeown)

JP Enfant /Serque (A.R.T.less)

1Dan /Foundations (Atmospheric Existence Recordings)

Jordon /Meanwhile in Ridgewood (Ornate Music)

ASOK /Hunter [Versalife Remix] (Scenery Records)

Leif /Solstice (Sudden Drop)

Edward /Miracle Steps (Giegling)

Stephen Lopkin /The Haggis Trap (M>O>S)

Population One /Starting Over (Metroplex)

Perception /Windchime (Underground Resistance)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 13 (09.09.14)


Biosphere /Novelty Waves (Appollo)

Ukkonen /Tellervo (Uncharted Audio)

Convextion /Verna (Delsin)

Derrick May /Ndtal 20th Annives

ary Part1 (NDATL)

Claude Young /MA-NA-ZA-TWA (Utensil Records)

Omar S /Unitarian (Scion AV)

Innerspace Halflife /Crown Vic (Latency)

Hinode /A2 Vol 2 (Science Fiction Records)

Edanticonf /Movement 4 (MRec)

Havantepe /Revolt (Baum)

Deepchord /Tantra (Soma Quality Recordings)

Conforce /Insecure (Delsin)

Voiski /Higher Laws (Syncrophone)

Donato Dozzy /Untitled from K (Further Records)

Thomas Fehlmann /Speeding (Kompakt)

Floorplan /Above The Clouds (MPlant)

Annie Errez /Auguste (Mosaic Split Series)

Mohlao /Anamorphic Canvas (Other Heights)

Remote_ /Echo Of You (Field Records)

Anton Zap /Every Day Could Be Like DIZ (Underground Quality)

Lapien /Bobby Konders (Photic Fields)

Analogue Experiments /522 (Black Wall Records)

Traumprinz /All The Things (Geigling Records)

Life Recorder /Mind Freedom (Got2Go Records)

Mr Fingers /For So Long (Alleviated)

Rick Wade /Bleach (Third Ear)

Andy Green & Jules Giles Presents – Verdant Sessions 12 (12.08.14)


Neinzer /Taylor (Deep Moves)

SAM /Marabouda (Oscillat Music)

Aroma Pitch /Austin (Aroma Pitch Recordings)

Untidy Trax 001 /A1 (Unitidy)

Axel Boman /Purple Drank (Pampa)

Tominori Hosoya /Saki (Blind Jacks Journey)

Lazare Hoche /I Dont Sync So (Lazare Hoche)

Aybee /ATGC (Soul People Music)

Delano Smith /Direct Drive (Mixmode)

Ron Trent /Powah (Future Vision)

Brawther / Le Voyage (Balance Alliance)

Low Orbit Satellite /Our Music (Low Orbit Satellite Rework) (Unreleased)

Kirk DeGiorgio /Unreleased A2 1991-1192 (Indigo Æra)

Slowburn /Lime Street (Grounded in Humanity)

Sterac /Sitting On Clouds (100% Pure)

Louis Haiman /Compassion (parts I and II) (Icon Of Desire)

Innerspace Halflife /Grey Matter (Machining Dreams)

Chris Mitchell /Nibiru (Annanuki Cartel)

Laak /Invoke A Response (Contrast Wax)

Huerco S /Aphelia’s Theme (Future Times)

Polar Inertia /Sonic Outlaws (Field Records)

Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi /Metal Slave (Orange Groove)

Monobox /Film Rectangle (M Plant)

Steve Hillage and Evan Marc /Hypnopomp (Somnia)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 11 (04.07.14)

Talk Talk /Spirit

Mokira /Time Track (Silent Servant Remix)

Inward Content /Halogen

Borderlands /Mars Garden

System 7 /Prototype 01 (Electron Mix)

JBSF /A2 [Ferrispark]

Desolate /Ambrosia

Hinode /Untitled [Science Fiction 002]

Gifted and Blessed /Still Slacking

Automatic Tasty /Talking At Right Angles

Marco Bernardi /Power Influction

Joey Anderson /Brass Chest Plate

Indigo Kennedy /Aleph

Minilogue /Clouds & Water (Rrose remix)

Edit Select /Downside

Reference /Spacehood

2nd Phase /Mind 2 Mind

Levon Vincent /Solemn Days

Wax 30003 /Side b

Monokunk /Channel B

Eduardo De La Calle /Aureol

Savvas Ysatis /Club Soda

Wamdue Kids /Dreams

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 10 Ft. Chris Chippindale (10/06/14)

Larry Heard /25 Years from Alpha

East Island /Les Enfants De Generation X

Andy Stott /Replace

Haventepe /Air

Kassem Mosse /Side D Workshop 19

Kai Alce /Be Bop

M.Ono /Marble Hill

Naohito Uchiyama /Nikisi

Fred P /Distant Rain

Hardware Hustlers /Side A (Syncrophone)

Rai Scott /Forgotten Sleep

Sonsine /Upekah

ERP /Lunar Ruins


Norken /Just a phase

A Guy Called Gerald /Iland

Exquisite Corpse /Elevator

Florence /A touch of heaven

Chicagodeep /Delayed grooves

Russ Gabriel /Airbourne

Yoshihiro Sawasaki /Neocrystal

DJ Skull /The kissing game

NY House’N Authority /Surveillance cameras

Model 500 / Mind changes

Claude Young /Change of pace

Nu Era /Proprietary solution

Raw Elements /Higher

Jon Easley /Harmonie park bluez

Benjamin Brunn /U teach us

Malcolm Moore /Way of the City

Eduardo De La Calle /Celestial Highways

InSync /Storm

Atom Heart /Milagro

Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen /Forever Monna Mix 2

Benedikt Frey /Seven Corridors

Future Beat Alliance /Eon Link 500

Djinx /Revolver