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“A well-known producer recently composed a track entitled; “Deepness Is A State of Mind”, that seems to capture my take on music. For myself there is genuinely little better than immersion in sound for escapism, contemplation or adventure. I like to think that can happen using many forms of electronic music and that’s why I move between house, techno, dub, ambient, electronica.”

Join Andy every 2nd Tuesday of the month commencing October 8th 8-10PM UK time (UTC+1) HERE:

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 27 (10.11.15)


Bipolardepth /Posevy (Udacha)

Fred Buddah /Good Kush (Urban Imagery)

Boreal /Future Canopy (Forbidden Planet Recordings)

Florist /112712 (Pacific Rhythms)

Route 8 /Ash Dub (Lobster Theremin)

Intrusion /A Gentle Embrace (Echospace [Detroit])

Shohei Takata /Last Resort (Statik Entertainment)

Space Afrika /Untitled (LL.M)

Porn Sword Tobacco /Magnifik Botanik (Aniara Recordings)

Anomaly /Luna 1969 (Soul People Music)

Tom Dicicco /We Let Go (Off Minor)

Edward /Open (Giegling)

Lord of the Isles /All I Need (Permanent Vacation)

Eduardo de la Calle /Hope (Hivern Discs)

Marco Bernardi /The Dancing Clowns [Specter Remix] (Berceuse Heroique)

Omar S /U (FXHE)

Deep 88 /MPC luv (ASCII recordings)

LA Synthesis /Agrophobia [Ian O’Brien Remix] (D:tuned)

Ike Release /Guzzle (Episodes)

Leonid /Xana (Eleve)Gnork /Fckk (Black Venison)

Trevino Mezmerize (Birdie)

HVL /Away from Everything We Know [Reflektor Remix] (Organic Analogue Recs)

Leeon /The Outsider (7th Sign)

Octave One /Empower (430 West)

FSOL /Cascade Part 1 (Astralwerks)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 26 (13.10.15)


Diffuse Arc /Ufo (Caus+ica)

Cloudface /UandMe (Opal Tapes)

Marco Bernardi /Interfusion BiAmp (Harbour City Sorrow)

The Abstract Eye /Twinkerbelly (Valentine Connexion)

Visonia /Impossible Romance (Last Known Trajectory)

Synth Alien /Messier 33 (Interstellar Tracks)

Simoncino /Dream (LIES)

Putch’79 /Glowing Cat (Clone)

Deep Space Orchestra /Let’s Save (LOTI remix) (Use of Weapons)

Inner City /Good Life (Ten Records)

Arcarsenal /Peoples Above The Sky (Bass Cadet Records)

Daniel Bortz & Sasha Sibler /Tomorrow We Start A New Life Again (Permanent Vacation)

Petar Dundov /Canonical Waves (Music Man Records)

Levon Vincent /Small Whole-Numbered Rations (Novel Sounds)

Kesper /Re-Entry (Slipstone Records)

Causa /Heliopolis (Tusk Wax)

TUC /Oaks (Analogue Attic Records)

Zachary Lubin /Meditation Garden (UntilMyHeartStops)

Huerco S /Rushing to Paradise (Proibito)

Tin Man /Falling Acid (Keys of Life)

Dream 2 Science /Liquid (Rush Hour)

Nicuri /Lucid Dream (Mora Music)

Keith Worthy /Lost In Sound (Aesthetic Audio)

Urban Force /Metal Sunrise (Ornaments)

Vernon Felicity /Persuader (Clone SOS)

Ka One & St Sene /Temporary Expression (Finale Sessions)

Gauss /Schwarzgerät (Gauss Ltd)

Perseus Trax /My Heart Jumps A Little (I {heart} Acid)

Titonton Duvante /Provacative Addendum*1 (aDepth Audio)

Global Communications /Maiden Voyage [Ripperton Edit] (Philomena)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 25 , 08.09.15


Brock Van Wey /A Chance to Start Over [intrusion under a starlit sky mix] (Echspace [Detroit])

Jouem /Tale of Victory (Mojuba)

Rising Sun /Nostalgia [Version D] (Kristofferson Kristofferson)

Rhythm & Sound /Jah Rule [Version] (Burial Mix)

Round Two /New Day (Main Street Records)

Exos /W.E (Delsin Reissue)

Bernard Badie /Move to the Beat (Mojuba)

Chez Damier /I Never Knew Love [MK Club Mix] (KMS)

Sven Tesnadi /Our Destiny (Ornaments)

JS Zeiter /Pulse (MCMLXV)

FP197 /AM (Boards / Soul People Music)

Mick Welch /Octaves of Energy (Altered Moods Recordings)

Brother G /Untitled (Rawax)

Toni Lionni /Free Your Mind (Aesthetic Audio)

Inward Content /Austere (Meanwhile)

Conforce /Love & Hate (Meanwhile)

Porn Sword Tobacco /Jobbet (Aniara Recordings)

SAM /Bahla (Oscillat Music)

Soul Designer /Emotional (F Communications)

Keith Worthy /Resilience (Aesthetic Audio)

Underground Resistance /Windchime (UR)

Delano Smith /Constellation (Sushitech)

Slowhouse /B2 *slowhouse EP3 (Slowhouse)

Scott Grooves /The Journey Revisited (Modified Suede Recordings)

Ron Trent /Message To The World (Electric Blue)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 24 , 10.08.15


d5 /floatation tank (delsin)

the moderator /thin beat (eevolute)

rhythim is rhythim /icon (transmat)

conforce /hydrosphere (delsin)

bovill / trescore (meanwhile)

lawrence /nowhere is a place (smallville)

october vs voodoo down /las modelos (voodoo down)

joey anderson /earth calls (deconstruct)

the sun god /analogue codes (frantic flowers)

kuba sojka /progression (dmk)

ka one & st sene /guru (finale sessions)

aurora hallal /sunlight (mutual dreaming)

stojche /sinister alley (tangible assets)

dfa / 3/5 human (surveillance recordings)

vince watson /fragments of machine sould (indigo æra)

the persuader /gamla stan (svek)

nicolas /what freedom (quintessentials)

merwyn and inskwell /eternal freedom [linkwood remix] (hot shot)

amir alexander /the realest of the real (vanguard sound)

vaibr /intl (nous)

traumprinz /freedom (traumprinz)

life recorder /mind freedom (got2go recordings)

raze /break4love [our tribe mix] (champion records)

loosefingers /acid bounce (alleviated records & music)

paul bennett /although sometimes appear (modernista)

brian harden /feva (soul print recordings)

vince halliburton /condensor (ferrispark)

russ gabriel /narita express (dieb audio)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 23 , 09.05.15


Russ gabriel /agoraphobia (input neuron musique)

Sven weisemann /xine rising (wandering)

Nikosf /fire variations (moshitaka)

Tread ??????? (private pressing)

kim brown /ternevej (just another beat)

Qy /bolt (freund der familie)

Deepchord /tonality of light [spiral 2] (soma quality recordings)

francis harris /you can always leave [DJ sprinkles remix] (scissor and papers)

fred p /come this far (soul people music)

Leonid /sadim (sistrum recordings)

Ron trent /time (peacefrog)

Ernie /rainbow bridge (deepart sounds)

Entro senestre /rosegold (wt records)

Daman lamar /large crowd (tetrode music)

Lief /belief and experience (fear of flying)

Lawrence /nowhere is a place (smallville)

Da kine /ganga mist part 2 (driftwood)

jonas palzer /salt shores (portray)

Pole /pferd [melchior zodiac mix] (scape – music)

Donato dozzy /in bed [tin man remix] (absurd recordings)

Alex danilov /acid love (rough house rosie)

Chris gray /when you hold me (trackmode)

Tambien & tiago /???? (public possession)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 22 , (25.05.15)


jo johnson /ancestral footsteps (further records)

emeralds /geode (hanson records)

carl a finlow /wafer thin (device electronic entertainment)

R34 /track2 (unreleased)

marco benardi /the light of lights (frustrated funk)

lerosa /woman flew home (photic fields)

mix mup /1e (trilogy tapes)

nicuri /holding the four winds (growin music)

aroy dee /blossom (M>O>S recordings)

daniel stefanik /lifted [globus edition] (statik entertainment)

massimiliano pagliara /jp4-808-106-dep5 (live at robert johnson)

causa /soa (birdie)

lapien /anvers (bliq)

translate /level 1 (ferox)

tyon /flaw 18 (nsyde)

patrice scott /music theory (sistrum recordings)

mörk /there (nthng)

route 8 /the sunrise in her hair (lobster theremin)

orbe /blue merck (orbe records)

john shima /prototype (BOE recordings)

havantepe /distanced (200)

unknown aka florian kufner /untitled (white)

baaz /owl’s night (office recordings)

ron & chez /morning factory (prescription)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 21 F.T Peter Painter , 12.05.15



Mike Dehnert – Check (echocord)

John Shima – Confide (Common Dreams)

Edward – Society 0.5 (Giegling)

Joey Anderson – Diagram Solutions (Inimeg)

Drops – Cosmjn (Fragl)

This Raw Feeling – Route 8 (Lobster Theramin)

Lando – Insyde (Myth)

Innerspace Halflife – Laidover (Machining Dreams)

Trap 10 – Radisc (a.r.t.less)

Too Funk – Before (Ferox)

Nick Höppner – Rising Overheads (Ostgut ton)

Kai Alce – Dirty South Dirt (Late Night Essentials)

Gnork – Unreal (Crow Castle Cuts)

Fresh and Low – New Life (Foul & Sunk)

Amir Alexander Feat. Celia Brunn Hansen – I remember when house was house (Subwax BCN)

Wamdue Kids – Dreams (Acacia)

Precession – Sandcastle [Mike Huckaby Remix] (Ferox)

Delano Smith feat. Diamond Dancer – Message To The DJ (Still Music)

Ka One & St Sene – Necessary Illusions (Ornate Music)

Miles Sagnia – Gravitate (Atmospheric Existence Recordings)

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 20 F.T Rick Hopkins , 06.04.15



Dave morley /evolution reworked

Erp /alsoran

Fit siegel /carmine

Vernon felicity /flatlife

Andrew red hand /shattered soul

Crystal maze /crystal maze

Automatic tasty /step into the circle

Legowelt /days of persistence

Submersible machines /data flows

Myon /mystery machine

Artefakt /narcosis

Millsart /vertical

Population one /the jazz student

Hinode /cubic parsec


Steve o’sullivan /where’s bert? (delano smith reconstruct)

Delano smith /behind the shadows (intepreted by steve o’sullivan)

G-man /quo vadis (gadgets remix)

Delta funktionen /intruder

Aaron carl /crucified (XDB reshape)

Talbot woods /analepsis

Dj october /gate 2 yesterday

Deniel stefanik /the 7th day

Zadig /dagon

Jolka /five (silent servant remix)

Antigone /words of silences

Delano smith /tale of 2 cities (efdemin remix)


Nicuri /outflight

The martian /stardancer

Little nobody /metropolis how? (james ruskin remix)

Daniel stefanik /lifted

Chris mitchell /caj

Keith worthy /the elephant in the room

Joey anderson /fall off face

Kareem ali /galactic breeze